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Learn to play the drums - Learn at your own pace - Get help when you need it

Access a slow version of the solo, access backtracks and music to practise with, and download a PDF of the solo.

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They're all professional in knowledge and enthusiastic about the course.

Interesting Features

The course offers students the opportunity to work at their own pace and re-watch lectures that they didn't quite get the first time around.

Effective Lessons

All lessons have been slowed down so that you won't be intimidated by speed while watching.

Quiz Questions

In order to make sure you're learning from each lecture, we'll have regular quizzes throughout the course.

Quality Videos

Our course videos are recorded in full 1080P resolution.

Additonal Resources

We have downloadable backtracks and PDFs that you can take with you to learn on the go!

Group Discussions

You'll get access to our forums where like-minded students will share their questions, tips, and resources.

Multiple Payment Methods

We know that PayPal isn't available in all countries, that's why we support Stripe and all major credit cards as well.

Learning Objectives

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.


Learn the skills required to play the drums properly. Make quicker progress by following our courses.

Self Learning

With our online course, you're free to take as little, or as much time as you need to fully understand all the concepts.


Use our forums to carry our conversations, ask questions, and help other students get over hurdles that you youreself have overcome.

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